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Bathroom Sink Types

2022-08-04 09:36:01

This article summarizes some common bathroom sink types. It may be helpful if you are hesitating on installing what kind of sinks for your bathroom.
Under-mount, top-mount, wall-mount, and pedestal sinks
Because of the different ways of installation, bathroom sinks can be roughly categorized into under-mount sinks, top-mount sinks, wall-mount sinks and pedestal sinks.
Under-mount & top-mount sinks
Under-mount sinks and top-mount sinks are the most common categories of sinks, which also apply to bathroom sinks. Under-mount sinks refer to those sinks that are mounted beneath the countertop while top-mount sinks are sinks that can be installed with the rim above the countertop and the bowls beneath the countertop. By comparison, under-mount sinks are usually easier to clean.


Wall-mount sinks
Wall-mount sinks are attached to the wall. Bathroom sinks are also available in wall-mount installation. This kind of sinks are space-savers and they are good options for smaller bathrooms. As each coin has two sides, this kind of sinks have their upsides and downsides. We have updated an article about wall-mount bathroom sinks(, from which, you may check out the pros and cons of this kind of sinks.
Pedestal sinks
Pedestal sink is another type of sink which is commonly seen in bathrooms. It usually comes in two parts, namely leg and basin. For more information about pedestal sink, please read this article: 

Different materials
There are a wide range of materials that are available for bathroom sinks. The most popular materials include:
1. Vitreous china, ceramic, or porcelain.
2. Glass.
3. Stainless steel.
4. Natural stone.
5. Wood.
6. Copper.
7. Cast iron.
8. Fireclay.
How to choose the right one among the variety of bathroom sink materials? Durability, functionality, and design are three factors that need to be considered when selecting a material. Of course, it is dependent on your preference and budget. Sinks of different materials may cost differently.


Vessel sinks
Vessel sinks are a kind of stylish sinks. They are easy to install, just needing to put the sinks on the countertops and add the plumbing system. This kind of sinks are known for their bold designs. They can be various not only in shapes and colors, but also in materials.

Many types of bathroom sinks are available from Boma. You are welcome to check out the sinks on our product pages!

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