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How to Choose a Proper Faucet?

2022-07-28 09:19:35

Sink and faucet seem to be inseparable partners, which work together to bring the resident convenience and make the kitchen and bathroom space clean and glittering. Therefore, we should not be careless in choosing faucets, whether for bathrooms or kitchens. Generally speaking, pay attention to the following two aspects and you will find a not bad faucet. 
Decide on the style, color, and finish
It’s a good idea to make a list of requirements before starting online shopping or going to a real shop. There are a wide range of styles on the market with various colors and finishes available for your choices. It’s better to learn something about faucets. Our precious article, “Sink Faucet: an Essential Sink Accessory for the Kitchen Sink”, may bring you some enlightenment.    
Take correct measurements
Finding a proper installation for your new faucet is also very important, which requires correct measurements. Pay attention to the following points:
1. How high is enough for the sprout? An appropriate height of the sprout will avoid the water splashing out.
2. Which position do you want to put your faucet in? On the left or the right of the counter, or on the wall? If you are planning to install a wall-mounted faucet, remember to measure the distance between the wall and the sink edge.
3. How big is the hole left for the faucet on the counter? An accurate diameter of the hole is needed.
Do you have ideas on how to choose a proper faucet or related accessories? Welcome to share your ideas with us.    

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