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Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance tips

2022-12-13 10:54:42
Solid wood bathroom cabinet maintenance tips
1. Solid wood bathroom cabinets should be kept away from heat sources, power sources, water sources and direct sunlight.
2. The water on the table should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion caused by stagnant water after use each time.
3. Waxing Termly. Every year, wax the bathroom cabinet with paste wax, including cabinet body, hardware handle, towel bar and support.
4, Prevent sharp scratches on the cabinet door surface, moisten moisture, the door cannot be with water droplets for a long time, prevent the door from being soaked, such as glue things can be cleaned by maintenance cleaning wax, do not use wire ball.
5. Do not expose the bathroom cabinet in the sun, keep it fresh and ventilated, separate dry and wet areas, and leave the window and the door open to air fresh.

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