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Ceramic Sink vs. Cast Iron Sink

2022-06-08 16:04:29
What’s cast iron sink made of?
The main raw material of a cast iron sink, cast iron, is a group of carbon-iron alloy with a carbon content of more than 2%. Cast iron sinks are very brittle and extremely heavy. But they are also quite durable. What’s more, this kind of sink is environment-friendly since some of cast iron sinks are made of recycled iron. After the foundation is ready, layers of enamel will be sprayed on the surface to make the final sink shiny and smooth.  

White Apron Front Kitchen Ceramic Sink Model: PK-S031

What are the pros and cons of cast iron sink?
There are many pros of cast iron sink:
1. Durable. Just like many other kinds of sinks, cast iron sink is quite durable and serve you for decades.  
2. Colorful surface. The surface of a cast iron sink can be sprayed into a variety of colors. Therefore, this kind of sink is available in various colors matching the whole decoration.
3. Easy to clean. Since the surface of a cast iron sink is polished, it’s easy to clean.
However, there are also some cons of this kind of sink:
1. Very heavy. Although it’s not as heavy as granite sink, cast iron sink is among the heaviest sink list.
2. Can chip and scratch. The sprayed enamel on the cast iron sink’s surface may chip off and scratches may be caused due to improper use in daily life.
3. Susceptible to rust. Rust often appears when the enamel chips off. But this is preventable.
4. High cost. Cast iron sink is a high-cost option, whether for purchasing or for installation.

Ceramic Farmhouse Kitchen Sink White Model: PK-S032

What are the similarities and differences between ceramic sink and cast iron sink?
The surface of both a ceramic sink and a cast iron sink is smooth and it is easy to clean. They are available in various colors and shapes, and they have long durability. However, a ceramic sink is less heavy than a cast iron sink. A ceramic sink is not easy to chip. Most importantly, a ceramic sink is usually less expensive than an equivalent cast iron sink. 

23" Apron Front Kitchen Ceramic Sink Model: PK-S033

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