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These Six Kinds of Kitchen Sink Designs are Popular Now

2022-06-02 09:33:21
Kitchen is a very important part of the entire decoration or renovation of a house. Kitchen is indeed a much more special space, each detail of it should be considered thoroughly. As a bathroom and kitchen sink supplier, we always emphasize that the choice of a sink, as an essential appliance for the kitchen, plays a crucial role in your kitchen life.
Many people may have had bad experiences in the kitchen, such as inconvenience with clean vegetables and doing dishes. These are related to, in a large part, the kitchen sink. Now, let’s get to look at the following kitchen sink designs that are practical and popular now. 
1. Integrated processing desk
This is a very practical and user-friendly design. It’s really convenient and efficient to insert the cutting board and prepare food right after cleaning fruit and vegetables. Besides, there is a place especially ready for knives. Thus, messy countertop problems will be solved and some unexpected dangers will be prevented.

Model: BMU-1811


2. Corner design of the cabinet
Installing a triangle corner basin at the corner of the cabinet will help you make full use of the countertop space of the kitchen.

Model: BMU-1310

3. Larger single-bowl sink
Larger single-bowl sinks are preferred by more and more people. Compared with double-bowl sinks with two small bowls, larger single-bowl sinks seem to be more practical since they accommodate more and bigger pots.

Model: BMU-1713

4. Built-in trash can
Now that the kitchen sink is designed to clean stuff, there must be a lot of rubbish and garbage. If a built-in garbage can is installed in the sink, it will be much more convenient to clean things, and the pipe blocking will be refrained to some extent.


5. Matte countertop layer
Matte countertop is also a kind of user-friendly design, because oil stains are easy to appear on it. Matte countertop is relatively easy to clean and maintain.

Model: PK-S032


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