How to choose a bamboo sink supplier as a long-term partner?

2021-03-11 14:15:35
    Internationally, we can choose from many sink suppliers, but when we purchase or wholesale bamboo sinks, there are not so many suppliers for us to choose, because bamboo sinks are not as popular as stainless steel sinks and ceramic sinks. Favorite, the market share of bamboo sinks is very small. In this case, how should we choose a bamboo sink supplier? We can consider from the following aspects:
1. The reputation of the supplier
2. Site selection of supplier's production base
3. The production capacity of the supplier
4. Production process
5. Product quality
6. Customer Service System
    In fact, in addition to the above six considerations, we should also consider whether the product series is rich or not. After all, compared to other materials, bamboo sinks are less competitive in the market. The rich product series can give consumers more choices, meet consumer needs, and increase the product's market share.
    The above information comes from Boma for your reference.

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