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Suggestions on the Décor of Small Houses for Office Workers

2022-10-09 10:16:23

One feature of the younger generation of office workers is that most of them live in small-sized apartments but require high quality of life. Therefore, a reasonable layout and décor of the house is really important to make the limited space more spacious visually and comfier.
The following suggestions are from professional decoration designers.
1. Open kitchen with an integrated sink
For people who do not cook often, an open kitchen is a good option for the décor. However, if you do cook sometimes and don’t want the oil-smoke dispersed in the whole rooms, you may consider adding a movable glass door for your open kitchen.
An integrated kitchen sink will present a streamlined and uniform outlook, and thus the kitchen looks more organized.     

Small Houses for Office Workers

2. Choose light colors for the whole house
Light colors make the whole house look bigger. Besides, light colors, especially white color, are easier to match compared with other dark colors. Therefore, we should also avoid floor tiles in dark colors, which make the house look smaller visually.  
3. Add some reflective fixtures
It’s wise to add some reflective fixtures, such as glass bricks and glass partitions, to the décor of the small houses, because these reflective fixtures make small houses not only brighter but also bigger visually.  
4. Make sure the storage space is sufficient
To avoid clutter in the house, we need to make sure that the storage space is sufficient to place all the stuff. Making all the storage cabinets fully enclosed is not good. We may consider making some open shelves, which can increase visual spaciousness.
5. Abandon sofa in the living room   
The traditional sofa décor will take up much space in the living room. That’s not suitable for small houses. We may consider replacing the traditional big sofas with small sofas. Small sofas are very practical.  
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