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Introduce Indoor Plants into Your House

2022-10-10 09:39:30
For many homeowners, indoor plants have become an essential part of a house. Then what benefits do indoor plants offer? Where to put indoor plants? What kind of plant is suitable for indoor use?
What benefits do indoor plants offer?
1. Improve air quality.
Indoor plants can reduce harmful indoor air pollutants, for example, formaldehyde in newly decorated houses. Meanwhile, indoor plants increase humidity. 
2. Decorative function.
Undoubtedly, indoor plants have a decorative function. A suitable indoor plant will be like a piece of art, adding artistry to a house. 
3. Beneficial to health.
It’s proved by science that indoor plants offer many benefits for health. They can reduce stress, improve sleep, combat anxiety, and depression. At the same time, house plants are also beneficial to physical health and healing. 
Where to put indoor plants?
1. The corner of the living room. Generally speaking, living rooms have larger space and more sunlight, which is quite suitable for placing indoor plants. 
2. The bathroom countertop. Placing an indoor plant not only functions as a decorative item but also reduces bad smells to some extent.
3. The window sill in the kitchen or beside the kitchen sink. It also has much sunlight there.
4. The bedside table. A plant on the bedside table increases the humidity in the bedroom and improves sleep at the same time.
5. The office desk. Place an indoor plant on your office desk and cast a few glances on it. It is good for the eyes and brings relaxation and pleasure. 
In general, we need to take sunlight into consideration beside functions. Plants need sufficient sunlight to survive.
What kind of plant is suitable for indoor use?
As for indoor plants, we’d better choose those that are resilient and of low maintenance. Indoor plants such as peace lily, snake plant, cast iron plant, pothos, air plants, philodendron are good options. Those plants are easy to care for. There’s no need to worry even if you have to go out for business or travel for a few days.

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