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How to Create Farmhouse Style Bathrooms?

2022-10-17 16:45:51
As we can see, farmhouse fad have not yet shown any sign of disappearance. If you are planning to jump on the bandwagon, the following ideas may offer you some inspiration.
1. Add wood element
The wood element has magic power that can bring ordinary bathrooms a farmhouse style. Therefore, we can consider adding a wooden wall, wooden vanity, or wooden door to the bathroom. There’s no need to make all the wall, vanity and door wood. Choosing one part of them is enough.
2. Place a standalone bathtub
A standalone bathtub is a typical fixture for spacious farmhouse bathrooms. In addition to a standalone bathtub, we may also add an open shelf. They work together, both functional and beautiful.
3. Change the wallpaper
To remodel a bathroom, we can also start by changing the wallpaper. For instance, covering the wall with tree-centric wallpapers will create a countryside feel. Although the wallpaper may not last for a long time, it’s good choice if you have whimsical thoughts.  
4. Add distressed decorations
Distressed decorations, such as old-fashioned lantern and chandelier, also work well in bringing bathrooms a farmhouse fair. We may consider adding one piece or more. The farmhouse style does not conflict with the modern style. So be creative and bold when picking decorations.  
5. Consider wall-mounted faucet and utility sink
Wall-mounted faucet and utility sink also work to make the whole bathroom farmhouse-styled. They are quite a good choice, especially for small bathrooms. They are functional and save much space at the same time. Instead of being mounted on the countertop or cabinet, wall-mounted faucets are mounted on the wall, bringing us a vintage sense. 
6. Choose brass hardware
Brass hardware, especially matte brass, for example, brass faucets, often brings us a warm feeling. Replacing old stainless steel hardware with brass hardware can add farmhouse flair to the bathroom. 

Farmhouse Style Bathrooms

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