How to Clean a Glass Sink

2022-05-30 11:50:44

As a sink supplier with more than 15 years of experience, Boma provides customers with a variety of sinks. Glass sink is also included in our product catalogue. Usually, glass sink is used as a wash basin installed in the bathroom. Its unique raw material and various colors make it an artistic decoration to the bathroom space. 

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To clean a glass sink is just as easy as to clean a ceramic sink. For normal cleaning, you just have to rinse the glass sink both inside and outside and then wipe it with a soft and non-abrasive cloth. Meanwhile, it’s not difficult to clean hard water stains on the glass sink. You need to make a mixture of white vinegar and water first and then rinse it on the surface of the glass sink. Next, scrub and wipe it away.
Indeed, glass sink is not as fragile and difficult to maintain as some people think. But you should always remember to avoid abrasive objectives while cleaning a glass sink.  

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