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What Styles of Sinks are Good Space-savers?

2022-08-29 16:05:26

The following four styles of sinks are excellent space-savers. They may be good options for you if you have a limited space for the sink, either in the kitchen or bathroom.
Wall-mount sinks
Wall-mount sinks are more often used in bathrooms. They are installed by being attached to the wall, saving the space for countertops that are needed for other regular sinks. Apart from the saving-space advantage, this kind of sinks have many other advantages, such as easy installation and cleaning. They also have some disadvantages. As we have mentioned in the previous article (, wall-mount sinks have no storage room and have a little risk of falling off.
Pedestal sinks
Similarly, pedestal sinks are more often used in bathrooms as washing basins. A pedestal sink usually comes in two parts, leg and basin. Pedestal sinks are usually made of smaller sizes and they won’t take up too much space. Regarding the advantages and disadvantages of pedestal sinks, please read: Such a style is a good option if you have a smaller bathroom and do not hate vintage style.
Workstation sinks
Quite a few people take workstation sinks as the best option for kitchens. A workstation sink refers to the combination of a sink and related accessories, such as cutting board, drying board, and so on. What makes this style of sinks stand out is that they consolidate separated functional zones into one place. In this way, a workstation sink not only saves space but also makes the kitchen life more efficient and convenient.
Corner sinks
Corner sinks are another good space-savers, which are used in both kitchens and bathrooms. Such kind of sinks are quite flexible in size and shape. Therefore, they can take advantage of corners in the kitchen or bathroom, which used to be ignored or idled by the owners.
If you are intending to find a sink that saves space, you may take the above four styles into consideration.

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