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Porcelain Farmhouse Sink for Kitchens

2022-08-26 17:37:57
Thanks to their unique design and quite a few advantages, which we have talked about in the previous updates (, porcelain farmhouse sinks are still enjoying popularity among consumers.
Is a porcelain farmhouse sink a dream sink for your kitchen? What kind do you want specifically?
Single-bowl or double-bowl
Farmhouse sinks made of ceramics are also available in single-bowl style and double-bowl style. Single-bowl farmhouse sinks provide larger accommodative space, which allows the users to soak large kitchenware such as pans, large dew pots. Whereas, double-bowl farmhouse sinks are more sanitary. The residents do dishes in one bowl, and wash vegetables and fruit in the other bowl in case bacteria crossover.
Apron front and flat front
Porcelain farmhouse sinks may have slightly different designs in front. They can be arc apron-front and flat-front. Besides, the front side of a farmhouse sink can be fluted or smooth, presenting different beauty. 

Model:BMK-004  Model:PK-S021 Model:BMK-007 

These above are farmhouse sinks from Boma. They are mainly made of vitreous china.    
Colors of porcelain farmhouse sinks
White porcelain farmhouse sinks are more common and more versatile. White color is the first choice of a number of residents. Porcelain farmhouse sinks in white go well with cabinets of almost all colors. They will take on different looks when matching different colors of cabinets and countertops.  
Take a look at the figure below. A pure white porcelain farmhouse sink with an equally white countertop and a light green cabinet looks great. 

Kitchen Sinks

It’s such a wonderful scene that the plain white porcelain farmhouse sink sits beside the kitchen window, with several beams of lights on it and breezes slightly blowing through the window. Even tiring dish washings become enjoyment in such a scene.
Apart from the white color, porcelain farmhouse sinks are also available in other colors. Moreover, our sinks are certified with CUPC. The quality is well-guaranteed.

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