What should we pay attention to when customizing sinks?

2021-03-31 15:39:06
Which one is better for custom sinks, or what needs to be paid attention to. First of all, we must start with the details.
1. Product quality: The quality of the sink is the primary factor when choosing. As the saying goes, the details determine success or failure.
2. Price factor: Everyone hopes to buy good-quality and cheap goods, but they are often not good-quality and inexpensive. Regarding the price, it is enough to tend to the market price, and regular manufacturers and companies will not ask for excessive prices. If the price is too low, you need to consider whether it is a defective product. The price is too high, just shop around. Secondly, whether there is a manufacturer, if there is a manufacturer, you get the first-hand price, if there is no manufacturer, you need to pay a service fee.
3. After-sales service: After-sales service is a common topic, it is very simple, exchange the standard, only need to ask one sentence when communicating, if there is a problem with the product, how to return or exchange it. (For example, how to calculate the shipping fee by post) The regular manufacturer or company will have a set of standard procedures. For product quality problems, of course the manufacturer or company is responsible for the round-trip freight.
Finally, make an important note. If there is a manufacturer, you must choose to visit the factory.
Continuing the above, many people will say, how can I find a good manufacturer or company in a small place.
(1) The Internet is developed. If there are manufacturers, you can directly ask whether there are manufacturers on your side. Most people will say that we do. The factory can be inspected by video. Those who make excuses once or twice are mostly without a factory.
(2) Don't limit your own thinking. Now it is custom-made. There is no need to be nearby. The logistics is so convenient, so why not go farther? If you have any questions, refer to the points above.
The above information comes from Boma for your reference.

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