How to find resources for glass sink suppliers

2021-03-31 15:42:53
The source of sourcing must first look at what your needs are, and you can find a suitable supplier only when you know your needs. The word "appropriate" for the development supplier is very important, and you can only find a supplier that matches you. So how to find the resources of glass sink suppliers.
There are several ways to find suppliers:
1. Seek recommendations from people you know. At this time, you will rely on your personal connections.
2. To search online, you can find suppliers through Alibaba, Taobao, etc.; or search on Google.
3. Talk to existing suppliers to see what their competitors are. The suppliers' competitors are your potential resources.
4. If it is really impossible, there is still a more dumb way to find out which area of the supplier you are looking for is more, and go to the site to find it. Of course, this method is generally not recommended, it takes time and effort, and the effect is not obvious.
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