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Precautions for Using Ceramic Sinks

2022-11-29 09:39:11
The ceramic sink is one of the most durable sink styles. To ensure that the ceramic sink serves as long as possible, we’d better pay attention to the following things in daily use.
1. Don’t throw away items into the ceramic sink. Otherwise the sink are more likely to clog.
2. Don’t hit the ceramic sink to prevent the sink from damaging or leaking.
3. If the ceramic basin is blocked, unclog it timely.
4. Keep the ceramic sink from the water below 0℃.
5. Use glass glue instead of cement for sealing since the cement may expand, which may cause the cracking of the bottom of the toilet.
6. For daily cleaning, avoid using hard and abrasive cleaners. And don’t rinse it with boiling water.
7. The head of the lower water trap under the ceramic sink can be disassembled. We should clean it regularly to ensure that the sink drains smoothly.
8. Avoid using acid chemical liquids in a ceramic sink.

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