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Cleaning and Maintenance of Pedestal Sinks

2022-11-11 15:17:44
Cleaning of pedestal sinks
To remove hard stains on a pedestal sink, we can resort to lemon and non-corrosive bleach water. To achieve that, we can cut a slice of lemon and wipe on the sink’s surface with the lemon slice. Wait for one minute and rinse it with clean water.
Sometimes there are some stains in the sink which are too hard to remove easily. Now, we can try bleach water. Pour the bleach water into the sink, and let it stay for 20 minutes or so. And then rinse it with clean water and wipe it with dry soft cloth.   
Maintenance of pedestal sinks
In the daily maintenance of a pedestal sink, we should avoid using abrasive cleaners. We’d better clean it after each use to keep it clean. As for pedestal sinks made of glass, we should also avoid pouring boiling water into them in case they will break.

Pedestal sinks have been around for a while. To choose a proper pedestal sink, we need to take material and color into consideration. For simple and traditional styles of bathroom, we can choose classical white ceramic pedestal sinks. There are some embossed ceramic sinks available on the market, which add a fashionable feeling to the item. Likewise, we need to make a decision on the color of the sink on the basis of your bathroom’s decorative style.  

Model: BMPB-1818

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